Introducing Brass. Brass is a demanding economic game where players create monopolies in various industries during the Industrial Revolution. Brass requires concentration, intellect and ruthlessness to make your fortune. Players take on the roles of entrepreneurs, each with the mission to build an economic engine that surpasses the other opponents. You can become a Cotton, Railroad or Coal magnate. Build. Connect. Develop. What’s your pleasure? Brass is Monopoly for grown-ups.


Dawn of the Modern World!

Can you take full advantage of the Industrial Revolution that is transforming Lancashire?

What is the best strategy? Build cotton mills? Develop new technologies? Dig canals? Produce coal or steel?

There is no simple answer and the opportunities that arise will be different in each game you play as you move through the Canal and Railway periods, striving to get the return from your investments in time to snatch the next opportunity from under the noses of your rivals.

Brass mobile game is in development for iOS and Android. Coming in Autumn 2015.



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Brass AI

GETTING BEATEN BY OWN CODE IS THE SWEETEST DEFEAT by Macin Koszów   Whether you’re creating a turn-based mechanics or porting a board game, AI is going to be a crucial element of your design. I’m [...]

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Brass price drop

Hi Stranger, Here is a honest proposition: we’d offer you a price drop on Brass and if you like the game, you’d vote for it. Deal? How can we check if you voted for Brass, you may [...]

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Brass v1.2 is now available

Hello Entrepreneurs, We are glad to tell you, AppStore gave us green light so we can publish another update to one of the BGG iOS Board Game Port of the Year games! (thank you Brad and Dave for [...]

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Brass Monkey Special

Tired of winter? Here is something to warm up both your brain and fingers! For 5 days, (Wednesday to Sunday), you can get Brass a third cheaper! Now you are getting World’s best economic [...]

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Brass Mobile Game is the second best iPad board game of 2015!

According to the, Brass Mobile Game is the second best iPad board game of 2015! Tony Mastrangeli, publisher wrote: Brass just barely missed out on the #1 [...]

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