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Brass AI

GETTING BEATEN BY OWN CODE IS THE SWEETEST DEFEAT by Macin Koszów   Whether you’re creating a turn-based mechanics or porting a board game, AI is going to be a crucial element of your design. I’m [...]

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Brass price drop

Hi Stranger, Here is a honest proposition: we’d offer you a price drop on Brass and if you like the game, you’d vote for it. Deal? How can we check if you voted for Brass, you may [...]

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Brass v1.2 is now available

Hello Entrepreneurs, We are glad to tell you, AppStore gave us green light so we can publish another update to one of the BGG iOS Board Game Port of the Year games! (thank you Brad and Dave for [...]

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Brass Monkey Special

Tired of winter? Here is something to warm up both your brain and fingers! For 5 days, (Wednesday to Sunday), you can get Brass a third cheaper! Now you are getting World’s best economic [...]

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Brass Mobile Game is the second best iPad board game of 2015!

According to the, Brass Mobile Game is the second best iPad board game of 2015! Tony Mastrangeli, publisher wrote: Brass just barely missed out on the #1 [...]

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Version 1.1

Some of you may already know, that the App Store has approved our first update to the Brass mobile game (v 1.1)!  This update: – fixed network game synchronisation issues, – fixed [...]

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Artificial Intelligence

Introduction As you have already noticed, AI in Brass is not very strong. However this is not because we didn’t manage to develop stronger AI. Actually, we targeted and planned for this AI level [...]

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Brass Mobile now available for download!

Today is an exciting day for the Brass team. We’re so pleased to announce that fans can now play Brass on-the-go with friends or other players around the world! The challenge is to build [...]

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Designer’s Notes #5 – Art design

Introduction Today I thought I’d share with you how we came up with the overall look of the graphics used in the mobile version of Brass. The first question I always get is ‘why didn’t you  go [...]

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Beta update

Today we’ve released an updated build in Brass beta. We’ve been busy fixing all the bugs you’ve reported so today we have very short summary

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