Brass v1.2 is now available

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Brass v1.2 is now available

Hello Entrepreneurs,

We are glad to tell you, AppStore gave us green light so we can publish another update to one of the BGG iOS Board Game Port of the Year games! (thank you Brad and Dave for recognition!)

Why we think it is cool? Well, check the below:

– We have fixed some bugs, which were reported by our great audience (you)

– We have added German language version (ze drem kam tru)

– We have added Private network games! Now you can humiliate players you happen to know.

What else? Here we go with a full list:

– Game log
– Private network games
– German localisation
– Available in Amazon App Store

– “Waiting for network actions” popup is not covering the game screens
– Do not remove username during logout
– Added online players name in game report screen

– Push notifications localization
– Other localization issues
– Too long network game name problems
– Removed 20 network game limit
– Bankruptcy in online game
– Bankruptcy – only allow to sell own buildings
– Birkenhead link can’t be used to build links from Birkenhead

If you happen to find any other issues – please let us know Your help is invaluable!

We are now off to get another update fixed. This time we’d play with the AI.

And yeah, don’t blame us if we create Skynet on the way. It was your call.