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Some of you may already know, that the App Store has approved our first update to the Brass mobile game (v 1.1)! 

This update:
– fixed network game synchronisation issues,
– fixed Birkenhead virtual link,
– fixed login form,
– fixed register email form,
– fixed touch issues on border regions,
– fixed “waiting for network actions” popup – now it is not covering the game screens,
– added support for iPad Pro,
– fixed resolution on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

If you find any other issues, please let me know.

Now our team is working on the v 1.2 update, where we are going to refer to your latest feedback:

– create a game log,
– create a private games (+ invite friends feature),
– fix push notifications localization.

Thank you for your help in improving this game! Now we get back to work…